March 2018
Who’s your best critic?
A lot of painters say fellow artists or their family, but in my experience your best critic is you, after all who knows your work best, most probably you!
I discovered this whilst making photographs of my work to include on my website or producing a catalogue for an exhibition.
By examining my own work closely e.g. zooming in and scanning the painting in two or three times detail I can identify those areas that perhaps need some tweaking which I wouldn’t have nessecarily noticed on the easel. This process can sometimes turn a good painting into a great one, bear in mind though not to overwork your art as this can lead you in the opposite direction down the path to an inferior piece. So I guess I could sum this up by saying spontaneity is good but don’t be afraid to refine your original marks.

Painting makes me smile, I hope it makes you smile too!