About This site

David Fitch Art aims to provide original and affordable paintings with prices ranging from £180.00 to £500.00 plus P&P. For overseas shipment please contact David via the contacts page.

All pieces are signed and presented unframed as I believe the style and type of frame should be a matter of personal preference to the buyer. Of course, if you prefer to receive your canvas pre-framed then I can arrange this for you.
If you see a piece that interests you then please e-mail me via the contact page indicating your preference and I will respond confirming the price and delivery detail.

I will also undertake commissions. Please provide me with your requirements via the contact page.

For each and every work the copyright will remain the property of David Fitch who shall be referred to as "the artist".
The images on this site are the property of the artist and shall not be reproduced without permission via agreed license.

Thank you for your interest.