David Fitch
I am a self taught artist specialising in oils. I have always had an affinity with art, as a child crayons and pencils were the most important items in my toy box. However, eventually work and family became the most important aspects in my life and art took a back seat. During the intervening years I became interested in computer generated imagery which helped maintain my interest in art. Today, thanks to a life threatening illness and the generosity of my Daughters, Chrissy and Nee-neet (who bought me a box of paints in October 2009) I promptly set about reclaiming my easel from the attic and set up my studio in the confines of my shed that I built from scratch a few years earlier. I now have this almost desperate desire to paint, “it’s almost as if I’m trying to make up for lost time"!

Ok, so you think my paintings are expensive, or you have never heard of me, or you may be thinking who the hell are you? I don't blame you, well sort of, look at it like this though...

What if my paintings become popular and their value increases in the next couple of years or less, you could be missing out on a decent investment opportunity!

Take a couple of minutes to look at the great impressionist Vincent van Gogh, don't get me wrong here I'm not comparing my work with his, just the situation! Poor old Vincent never really made a penny for himself apart from the help he received from his loyal brother Theo. Today you couldn't buy a scraping from Starry Night with the proceeds from the sale of your Victorian three storey townhouse in Greater London. Sure you may have to wait a generation or two to rack up the spondulics, but hey, that's what investment is all about!

On a more serious note, I would really love you to consider purchasing my work because you liked it and that you considered it's value as a contemporary piece of art in it's own right. Maybe you are looking for an affordable, original painting that compliments your new décor, lets face it, if you do live in a Victorian townhouse in Surrey, you probably can't afford a van Gogh, but you can afford to invest in an original and contemporary work from my studio.
When you make a purchase, each original piece will include it's own provenance document guaranteeing it's authenticity.

On the corporate side of things you may like to consider purchasing the image rights either for an indefinite period or a fixed term, maybe you could use the image or part of it for a commercial campaign or corporate reporting background. Maybe you don't quite see the image you are looking for, if that is the case please contact me via the “CONTACT DAVID” page I promise you I will give your enquiry my full and undivided attention.

David Fitch